Cause 3 is the Fenton Group’s Cause Boutique Division lead by Julie Fenton.

We create and execute cause programs which leverage fruitful partnerships between 1. Corporations, 2. Non Profit Organizations and 3. Consumers. We bring these programs to market with care and commitment to the world in which we live and with clients in whom we believe.

Our specialized services include every aspect of Philanthropy including: Strategic Philanthropy, Signature Program development and refinement, Community Relations, Employee Engagement, Government Relations, Corporate Volunteerism, Public/Private Partnerships, Social Marketing, Cause Sponsorships and Promotions, Cause Program Naming and Branding.

We have 20+ years of proven successes in improving the state of some of the planet’s most urgent concerns like poverty, hunger, heart disease, cancer, the environment, children’s health and education, and the digital divide while helping our partners improve their reputations, garner visibility, improve employee satisfaction and improve their bottom lines.